Art On The Elizabeth Line: Farringdon Focus.

Art On The Elizabeth Line: Farringdon Focus

4 August 2023

Farringdon is the hub for tech-companies and design communities. One of the biggest scale projects in London’s transport history is The Elizabeth Line. London is the beacon for culture and design. The artwork across the Elizabeth Line, particularly in Farringdon, encapsulates how vibrant and engaging the city is, by allowing commuters to have mini viewings of artwork as they go from A-B.

British artist Simon Periton, whose artwork covers both Elizabeth Line Farringdon ticket halls, launched his first piece, Avalanche in Hatton Garden. Periton’s art is fitting to the area, showcasing a series of diamond shapes, referencing the jewellery in this famous street.

The second entrance, the eastern ticket hall, showcases a giant sprawling white banner that covers the entrance altogether. Periton also wanted to communicate an idea on lots of different levels from small children to old people who aren’t interested in art per se, but get to witness his intriguing designs come to life as soon as they enter Farringdon station.

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